You might say we are a collection of designers, architects, artisans, craftspeople, project managers, sculptors, painters, and inventors but most of all we are a collection of passionate people.  Established in 2000, KilterDesign is the brainchild of Rustin Ostler.  The research and design studio’s work ranges from product design, intimate installations and custom solid wood furniture to small-scale residential and public spaces, with a focus on contemporary and modern design.  The lead designer Rustin Ostler has worked with award-winning design firms including DNCA, FFKR and Method Studio. The “part artist – part architect” received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Weber State University before pursuing his Master of Architecture degree from the University of New Mexico.


We put the most progressive and innovative architectural design, solid wood furniture, and product design out for people to enjoy, hold on to, and love for generations to come.  We develop products with a soul, history, and respect for the place they came from.  We do what we have been taught, to make something that lasts not only physically but in memory.


We practice the way things were practiced generations ago with the designer, manufacturer and retailer all under the same roof in many cases.  We use advances in technology and modern manufacturing, or outside craftspeople and their knowledge, as needed to make things better. We handcraft solid wood furniture, and also design manufactured products. We feel this helps to make and develop beautiful lasting products and designs that connect with the user and make it possible for more to enjoy.  As we continue to learn through the process of design, construction, and association with consumers,  we learn the needs of our clients and how to make exquisite products that work well and that people love.

Because we are multi-disciplinary,  we have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people, clients and environments.   This approach gives us a unique perspective and ability to look at things from many different directions.  It allows us the advantage to think of how a product or space will be constructed in the early design stages.  We can continue to improve the design even through the construction process.   We get excited with every new project and the experience it brings with it.  While we work with our clients, we learn about their culture and lifestyle and make new friends in the process.

One of our friends and fellow craftsmen has a saying, “Mean what you build.”  This encapsulates our philosophy.

Modern Design

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, KilterDesign ranges from product design, intimate installations, custom wood furniture and much more!.